The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (2006)
I read this for my young adult literature class. It was fast paced and has a very important (and different) narrator. The book talks about Nazi Germany but also about the growth of a young girl. And what book lover doesn’t want to know more about the book thief?

Watch the video to see the author discuss The Book Thief, read the reviews at and listen to NPR's interview with the author.

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

Deadline by Chris Crutcher (2007)
Just before his senior year in high school, Ben Wolf is diagnosed with a rare blood disease, and told that he has only about a year to live. Since he’s 18, he decides not to tell anyone, including family or friends, and declines medical treatment, so that he can have a “normal” senior year. Ben also wants to pack as much as possible into his remaining life. He spends the year reading voraciously; joins the football team despite his very small stature; constantly questions and pushes his “close-minded” civics teacher so he could get the most from his education; befriends the reclusive town drunk; and dates the girl he’s always had a crush on.

This book is filled with sarcastic humor, thought-provoking issues, references to interesting books, and many memorable characters. Ben leaves us with a message to enjoy life to the fullest every single day…live like you were dying!

Just an FYI for any teens in your life: author Chris Crutcher will be at Indian Prairie on November 11 at 7:00. Contact Youth Services for details (call 630-887-8760, ext. 263 or drop in upstairs).