Self Sufficiency

I know many of us have been thinking about becoming more self sufficient recently. There has been a surge of interest in this area, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of eBooks we have on many of these subjects. If you need help with an outdoor project, browse our catalog for ideas on vegetable or herb gardening, composting, chickens and their coops, bee keeping, homesteading, carpentry and self sufficiency.

The English Garden by Cecily Brown and Jim Lewis (2015)

englishgardenI chose The English Garden for the art (by Cecily Brown) but really enjoyed it for the story (by Jim Lewis). Both the artwork and the story were good and could stand on their own. I was expecting more like Monet and Brown's work is more modern. The story is a great short story that takes you on a journey with the main character, Trevor. You’ll keep turning each page for more; the story ends perfectly, leaving the reader wanting more.