I have eclectic tastes in both books and movies. I read—or listen to—whatever grabs my attention as I scan titles and book descriptions or read literary reviews. So, I have trouble pinning down my preferences. This means I read a variety of genres, although I often pick up a romance when nothing else appeals. If pressed, I’d say I prefer intelligent main characters and first-rate word craft (rich, descriptive use of language). I read mostly for the story and how the characters relate within it, and I have read a number of delightful nonfiction memoirs/biographies, especially those that speak to the human experience and connections with others and with animals (such as The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating and Conversations with a Prince). On the other hand, a page turning mystery provides escapist fun, too. I also enjoy a variety of short stories (Edgar Allan Poe, Russian masters, Elmore Leonard), and I read some Christian and inspirational fiction.

As a regular listener to audiobooks, I count Barbara Rosenblat’s narration of the Nevada Barr books as among the best.

Although I watch drama, rom-com, some sci-fi, suspense (especially 1940s film noir), thrillers, and many high octane adventures, I especially enjoy classics with incomparable stars such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart. You won’t catch me recommending raunchy comedies, most horror or vampire films. I’ve watched too many wonderful movies and couldn’t possibly name only a handful of favorites.

My Recommended Books about Groundbreaking Women: